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DWBIA Standing Committees

The DWBIA is active in the areas of marketing, business recruitment, residential enrichment, streetscape improvement, seasonal decorations, parkland beautification, event sponsorship and the promotion of cultural enrichment and arts events. DWBIA committees are given tasks by the Board of Directors. Committee members determine directions, identify potential projects and make recommendations to the board.

The chair of each committee is a qualified member of the DWBIA Board of directors. Other members of the committees are chosen from qualified applicants amongst the DWBIA membership. 

DWBIA standing committees include Development/Infrastructure, Executive, Marketing, and Finance.

For further information, or to apply for a position on a DWBIA Committee, please call 519.252.5723.



• Consist of between three and seven voting DWBIA members, approved by the Board, who show a  balance of sector representation;


• Complete tasks or projects assigned by the Board, via Standing Committees (Development/Infrastructure, Marketing, Finance) or an Ad-Hoc Committee (Board Governance) formed for a limited time to complete a specific function/activity;


• The Board forms standing/working Committees consisting of a minimum of one Board member appointed by the Board member who is Chair of the Committee;


• Committee Chairs must be Board members and will be elected by the majority of the Board annually;


• Committee Chairs will be responsible for reporting Committee progress to the Board at monthly Board meetings;


• Committee Chairs may invite ex-officio guests and persons of expertise to meetings as nonvoting participants on the committee. Committee members must obtain approval of Committee Chair three days prior to any meeting, before confirmation to any invited guest;


• Committees put forward recommendations to the Board for discussion and approval. Contentious issues must be included by the Committee Chairs in their report/discussions at the Board level;


• Recommendations of Committees can only be executed following approval by the Board;


• There will be no teleconferencing at committee level unless quorum is required. Committee members unavailable to attend individual meetings may provide their input/ideas recommendations in advance in writing or by e-mail to the Committee via the Committee Chair.

Development/Infrastructure Committee


To represent the interests of the downtown Windsor business community, fostering productive partnerships with the public sector and other agencies and organizations whose activities influence the future of downtown Windsor.


Development/Infrastructure Chair: 

Harmony Peach

Development Committee Members:

Mary Anne Ducharme, Pearce, Ducharme & Assoc. Family Law; Larry Horwitz, Horwitz Properties; Ryan Smith, Pause Cafe; Ron Ball, Coffee Exchange


Development Committee Meeting Schedule:

The Development Committee meets on the second Wednesday of each month.

Executive Committee


This Executive Committee may not override previous Board decisions or make changes to the budget and is expected to meet between Board meetings and in emergencies.

Executive Committee Members:

Consists of the Chair, Vice Chair, Past Chair, Finance Chair and Committee Chairs (i.e. Marketing, Development/Infrastructure, Finance).

Executive Committee Meeting Schedule: 

The Executive Committee meets at the call of the Board Chair.

Finance Committee


To oversee the allocation of monies in the annual budget and to assure the monies are being used effectively and efficiently.

Finance Chair: 

Paul R. Twigg, Lazares & Co.


Finance Committee Members:

Larry Horwitz, Horwitz Properties; Ryan Smith, Pause Cafe


Finance Committee Meeting Schedule:

The Finance Committee meets at the call of the Finance Chair.



Marketing Committee


To position downtown Windsor as a regional asset and an attractive and competitive place to shop, dine, live, work, do business and be entertained.


Marketing Chair:

Seth Perera, Chanoso's/South Detroit


Marketing Committee Members:

Larry Horwitz, Horwitz Properties; Ryan Smith, Pause Café; Harmony Peach, Hello Beautiful.


Marketing Committee Meeting Schedule:

The Marketing Committee meets on the first Wednesday of each month.


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